Classic Snaker Freeride

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The Classic series was designed not only for novice riders who are just becoming familiar with their snowscoot but to somewhat advanced riders, too. The frame geometry is based on a classic platform that may be used for freeride/downhill courses. Enormous emphasis is placed on fluent and smooth control even at higher speeds. What is vital for beginners it to get clear response from their snowscoot and this is why this model series is provided with medium hardness ski. Microporous pads, hardness 20 sHa, provide for the transition between the ski and frame. Their optimal softness ideally attenuates any roughness.

Using: Freeride 
Material: Steel 20mm
Length: 1640 mm
Frame weight without boards: 9,1kg
Headset: Classics
Height: 920 mm
Handlebars: 680 mm
Gummi-Pads: 20 sHa
Grips: Lock-on
Capacity: 100 kg
Color: Black, Red with black forks, White with black forks