Beaster World Cup Freestyle / Park

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The SnowBaar World Cup range is designed for the most demanding of riders and with all its details being brought to perfection as well as having a very original overall design it is the flagship of the SnowBaar company.Its robust frame is made from high-quality thin-walled steel and is constructed to achieve maximum durability and light weight. The middle hand-formed brace tube differs from its RACE series brother having a slightly angular shape and is reinforced with two crossbars that ensure extraordinary strength in critical areas. The forks have gone through a minor but very important change in the form of two opposing reinforcements in the most stressed areas, which ensures that the front of the snowscoot will be able to cope with large impacts without any damage.

Another new feature is the addition of 8 mounts with a hardness of 70 ShA that ensure the ideal balance between eliminating unwanted vibrations caused by rough terrain and smooth carving of the snowscoot. Thanks to these mounts the snowscoot’s centre of gravity has been raised by 15 mm, which allows for a smoother transfer from upright to tilting and back.

28 individually adjustable pins, symmetrically spread out on the footboard, hold your boots in place even during severely bad weather, which prevents the undesirable feeling of a slippery surface when you want it the least. The pins’ height can be adjusted from 0-12 mm.

The reinforcement material, which is the main element of the footstrap itself, has been replaced with a new PVC material. Thanks to its unique properties it keeps its trapezoidal shape and even if you don’t put your foot in properly (step on it) returns to its original shape.

The World Cup range is manufactured in two versions. The SNAKER model is for freeride and ski slopes and the Beaster is for freestyle and riding in parks.

Using: Freestyle / Park
Material: High quality steel diameter 28mm – dual construction
Length: 1590 mm
Frame weight without boards: 7,4kg
Headset: Integrated 41.8x8x45x45°
Height: 900 mm
Handlebar: 780 mm (10´´)
Gummi-pads: Carving kit
Grips: Lock-on FORCE Dual grip
Capacity: 150 kg
Colors: All from our web sites
Boards Cap with high quality wood core and dual hardness
Standing plate: 28 adjustable pins
Price: 1010€