Beaster Pro Freestyle/Park

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The PRO series is intended for more advanced riders who want their snowscoot to show maximum resistance at reasonable price. High quality thin-walled steel, diameter 24 mm, provides for unseen strength at critical points. The frame geometry is based on a medium wide platform for even more precise control when changing curves. The head pipe angle is more perpendicular and this is why Beaster PRO is more sportive and this is why your snowpark performance will be great. The total length of 1590 mm guarantees maximum possible moment of momentum.Integrated head design with encapsulated massive bearings makes it possible for constant operation of the handlebar even at very low temperatures. Microporous pads, hardness 60 sHa, reliably attenuate any undesirable vibrations at the joint of the frame and skis. Thanks to its hardness, the frame immediately transmits the slightest movement of the rider to the skis the response accuracy of which is unprecedented. The MPO series goes with new skis. The rear ski has dual hardness. The softer part allows for swifter control and the front harder part keeps the scoot on the track and ride direction.

Using: Freestyle/Park
Material: High quality steel diameter 24mm
Length: 1590 mm
Frame weight without boards: 8,1 kg
Headset: Integrated 41.8x8x45x45°
Height: 890 mm
Handebar width/height: 700 mm / 8,5´´
Gummi-pads: 40 sHa
Grips: Lock-on FORCE
Capacity: 120 kg
Color Yellow with black fork Green with black fork Grey with black fork
Boards: Cap with dual hardness
Price: 749 €